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Aloe Vera (Medicine Plant)

Allison Riley of Kings County Florist & Fruit Basket

An Aloe Vera Plant is a drought resistant succulent plant, that can be grown indoors or outdoors.  Medicine Plant is the nickname given to an Aloe Vera Plant because the sap from its leaves soothes minor skin irritations and burns. This makes an Aloe Vera Plant a great plant to have in a sunny kitchen.  An Aloe Vera Plant has long, narrow, plump leaves with little spikes along the edges, so be careful when handling it. An Aloe Vera Plant can be used as either a table plant or a floor plant.

An Aloe Vera Plant requires bright filtered sunlight.
Water your Aloe Vera Plant well and then allow it to thoroughly dry out before watering it again. An Aloe Vera Plant can often last 2-3 weeks before it needs water and requires even less water in the winter. An Aloe Vera Plant can almost always be saved from severe under-watering but rarely from over- watering.
Fertilize an Aloe Vera Plant monthly only when the plant is actively growing. An Aloe Vera Plant should be fed with a basic houseplant fertilizer or succulent plant food diluted to 1/2 the recommended strength.
An Aloe Vera Plant likes it hot (65-85 degrees), dry, and sunny. Aloe Vera plants do not do well in temperatures below 40 degrees.
Aloe Vera Plants are native to the deserts and so need very little humidity.
There are very few pests that bother an Aloe Vera Plant.
Diseases are rarely a problem for an Aloe Vera Plant.
Aloe Vera Plants can grow in almost any soil, but a quick draining well-aerated soil with some sand in it works best for these plants. You can also use a commercial Cactus potting soil for Aloe Vera plants.
Pot Size
Keep an Aloe Vera root-bound in a small pot so the soil can quickly dry out. Keeping an Aloe Vera Plant in a small pot allows the soil to dry out and prevents root rot.
Aloe Vera Plants rarely need to be pruned.
An Aloe Vera Plant is propagated by offsets or suckers.

 Kings County Florist & Fruit Basket
506 Clarkson Ave Brooklyn NY
Call us at 718-493-0394 for same day delivery